Reply To: Conference 2018 – Mock Legislative Committee Hearing


The road to independence sort of has a positive feel to it. Sure we all should be free. Sure I grew up in the Sonny and Cher days and have enjoyed music. My opinion today a lot of this stuff is not music but thats each one’s preference. Sonny was a good man. Even ran for office after their breakup, but thats history. Sure we can talk about the bible but actually that is true justice and even the principals that go along with it.

Even Maestro didn’t like some of comments, or disapproved a bit on a few. Sure we are all going to get pro’s and cons on all of this but true justice and independence is what its all about. Sure the constitution talks about self-governing ourselves and yes honesty plays a lot in all this for both parties. Now Government was instituted by the Lord plain. We have some good governments and some bad.

Sure a lot of this sex offender issue is using bad laws or are a lot manulipated in this in some ways, means, and forms? I took criminal Justice as some of my courses in collage, Robin took law from what I have read. Sure most all the police I was taking the criminal Justice courses knew me because I was sort of a weekend warrior but that was in my early days. I remember one of the jailors saying to me, and I even had courses with him, back again to visit us for the weekend. All this is far different from being a weekend warrior. Sure I was a colorful person and also growing up with people you get an understanding. There was no so called segration as it is in many places today.
Look at the American Indian. The lady I go visit at the nursing home has American Indian blood in her. Sure we can all take ups in down’s in life but when someone deceives on in taking away their liberty to speak out than we all might as well take lesson’s from all these court endeavors.

Sure Linklon was an advocacy lawyer and a good man in that time and freed the slaves.. So we still have rements of slavery today. I believe Brenda’s bunch are doing good justice for all in this ordeal. Sure it will take effort but when it discriminates against jobs’ and other things that is not good for any government. Sure this whole thing gets me upset as I’m sure it does Robin and some of the other on here or should we speculate about everybody being gay.

Thing is not to hurt others by deceptive means. There’s an old saying “Injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere”. Why do you think protesters were prostestring in Charlottesville, VA which is about 20 miles away.