Reply To: The Sex Offender Registry: A Gorilla on the Basketball Court

Tim L

It fails precisely because the motive was distorted. Why would a constitutional state Congress NEED OR CHOOSE to issue a preamble to the Act that was not contained in the originating federal act OMNIBUS 94? Why would Congress NEED a preamble to justify an act to protect our kids? They didn’t need it unless they knew they were violating the plain words. The preamble itself passed on to the States by Janet Reno, U.S.A.G.via special instructions contained in the 94OMNIBUS.

Why…to obfuscate the actual purpose. Justification for certain uses of a machine a database by government actors. Congress brought back indentured servitude as described in the 13th and the general warrant via the regime. Man was first made subservient to machines by the act and there is little more destructive and abhorrent to individual liberty than indenture.. Mr. Stevens made it a point to state, “that Congress had opted to include ‘them and only them’ [child molesters &child rapist]… is the proof enough of state’s intent.” He was trusting his gut!

Without doubt registrants are forced to maintain the state property. The commodity being information data. The people now use it- the electronic database – to banish, bar or otherwise impose affirmative disability outside of the reasonable. Therefore, that must have the motive to begin with.
Just like the man who brings a gun to a store to scare the attendant into giving over the cash but ends up shooting the attendant, culpability sticks.

Let us pray we can hold them all accountable, them who knowingly passed prohibited law an ex post facto law.