Reply To: America’s new pastime: Stomping on the underdog


Actually Dan makes a very good point in a lot this issue. Yes is our pastime kicking stomping others. One could even go to say running over others in many ways and all in the name of public safety in this devious way. Sure basically we are all equal but a lot of us have different mindsets but one has to wonder who’s abusing who with this?
Sure today we have Democrates and Republicans and yes we do have faith according tothe measure of one’s faith. Sure I talk a bit of Christiany on here but you can’t have one without the other. Democrates want to do right and the Republican’s want to do right. I wonder who are the peasents and the heathern’s today?
Protection is good if done in its proper prospective. Defending is good if its done in its proper way. Helping a neighbor is good to one’s degree but when one is badgered it only creates a type animosity when one is being stepped on. I sometimes wonder why Is labeling a stigma today for a lot of people and preventing jobs and other reprocussions. Now I’m a white person and grew up in the 50’s and 60’s. I wonder who’s talking advantage or who today or could Abaham Lincoln see that. I’m sure he could.
I know Sandy and Maestro get onto me sometimes talking about religion but its not about religion but Christianity. I hope we all still have God and contury today, or is the country taking advantage of their position. Sure Aretha Franklin sung about “Respect” and “Think” but government seems to want to hold the purse strings in many ways. So where is liberity and give me death or was that some pipe dream back during the civil war days. I’m sure Brenda and Robin and the staff of NARSOL know how we can all fight this battle and speak up. There’s good side’s and bad side’s to everything but its about principles or is government deceiving in a lot of these encounters.