Reply To: The Sex Offender Registry: A Gorilla on the Basketball Court

Deb Mrugala

I whole heartly agree with this story. Another thing we are trying to bring to the top of the list is parents being able to become a part in solution when it comes to the so called “treatment” – when an offender is released generally it is the parents who are with that person nearlly 24/7 yet we are kept in the dark when it comes to what they can do and not, how their treatment is going, if there is an issue the parents should possibly be brought in for after all once they leave counseling for the week the family can keep the person honest. If the parents should have a question they should feel free to contact the appropriate person without fear of getting their love one in trouble- if something is starting from go off kilter having that avenue could possibly keep the person in question from making a mistake wiping all positive achievments made. As we all know when an addict is questioned and I consider a person with a “non-violent” offense as having an addiction not always do they approach the truth, that is why I feel that the parents/counselors/parole officers work in tantrum that way the offender will learn there would be no place to hide. I’m hoping what I wrote makes sense and that possibly I will get some response to this.