Reply To: America’s new pastime: Stomping on the underdog


Hello Dan,

“Well, I am a man and I understand the male sex drive. I also understand that it can be easily controlled. It is not something that should ever control you or anyone.”

This statement was meant for Sandy or any other female that might care about our plight. she does not understand this and how it is absolute torture to be legally C@@K blocked by the state you live in. I admit i was never good at dating before I got my life taken from me. To add to this disability is to close the door completely for me. I am not a handsome Vet with an over abundance of confidence and great hair LOL!

“Well, look at history. It seems that people have almost always been narcissistic, greedy, and uncaring as a whole. I am 52, so about in the same age bracket as you are. I also feel like the world is different than it was when I was growing up. But I think that’s more a matter of perception. Had I never been arrested, had I never been put on the registry, I might have gone on with my life, ignorant of who bad things really are. We all tend to walk around with blinders on to some degree or other. When those blinders, in one or more areas, are suddenly removed, it is shocking, to say the least.”

I have a theory about this. I think that in the past people used to believe in religion and they thought there would be consequences in a after life for doing wrong to others. This has been systematically destroyed by people who want to do things that go against this religion leaving us with generations of less and less caring individuals and plenty of laws to allow for things that used to be considered wrong. There were no kids shooting up high schools in my day. 12 jurors in this day and age are about the same as a firing line if they don’t like you. They are all vigilantes they ignore the instructions and go straight to personal opinion or whatever will get them back to their lives quickest. You can kill a baby before it comes out of a womb but if you wash the baby to thoroughly when your changing their diaper you are a child molester and are worse off then a murderer. This society is mentally ill Period! There is no bright side to this.

Thanks for your input.