Reply To: International Travel


I am a female SO with a sexual assault of a child (he was 16 lied about his age initially and I was 26) from 1996. I traveled to Egypt on a 60 day Visa that I aquired prior to leaving the states even though Egypt is a, Visa on arrival destination for US citizens, I thought it best to get it before leaving vs. trying to get it there and being turned away. I had no issues at all. I arrived at 3:30am and there were maybe 8 young men stamping passports and one police officer checking those stamps. That being said, it was 2015 and now with the new law revoking old passports and issuing new ones with the red stamped warning, who knows?! If the current process is still the same, I doubt they will even notice in Egypt. There is not a high level of security or customs at Borg El Arab airport in Alexandria. At least not when I went. I’m planning a trip to Dubai soon as my Egyptian husband lives and works there. I will be contacting the UAE Consulate and applying for a Visa prior to leaving even though UAE is also a Visa upon arrival country because I can’t afford to lose a few thousand dollars to be turned away upon arrival. I have several friends in Amman, Jordan and though they are unclear on SO entry, they say the rules for entry are much more strict than Egypt. Good luck in your travels. This whole SO mess has kept me and my hubby distant and apart for three years and virtually ruined my life in every conceiveable way. If you happen to make it to Egypt, make sure you try the Koshary. It’s delish!