Reply To: 2 years later, still no action on Michigan’s Sex Offense Registry


Yes.. i too am growing very impatient with the State of Michigan, They convicted me in 1992 with nothing more then hearsay only because she was under 15 the state needs NOTHING and had NOTHING. It was a witch hunt , i never had a chance, 19 years old and the REST of my life has been hell since, Over 25 years now and counting . WHAT A JOKE… They have written laws that destroy citizens entire lives with out any proof or reasoning too their madness , Over 40,000 people on their sex offender list in a state that puts 5 or more people on their list daily, Most for life with out evidence or proof most the time. People do not understand that these sex laws in Michigan as well as the United States have grown into nothing more then modern day with hunts to provide power to the government and states , They use lies and false studies as they have admitted too already, in order too scare the public into providing more tax funds and create privatized prison systems , Its so hard to believe that sex laws are much different then other laws when it comes too proof or evidence its NOT FAIR it is so WRONG to even think that with laws that hold such a HATE TRAD towards another human bean for life are the ones that never have proof or hard evidence , 90% of the time sex crimes convictions are based of pure BULLSHIT that the D.A gets away with a easy conviction just because its laws and the way they are written , Its sad but TRUE. I hope one day they are held accountable and change this unjust system they have created for pure POWER and PROFIT only because they Can ! Sad but true…. KEEP UP… THE GOOD FIGHT EVERYONE.