Reply To: PA state police arrests for sex offense registry infractions skyrocket


Sorry about that Colonel Klink. Maybe I should said that to Maestro but you see thats one of the reason’s why I’m sure Brenda Jones didn’t want relgion in this as it is confusing at times. In todays world there is no difference between Jew and Gentile. I had a friend when growing up that was Jewish. Even my Dad knew the Family. Nice bunch of people but everybody has their views. Hey maybe we should go back to the days of Cher….. Gypsies, tramps, & thieves

A lot of this we are going thru is a type of snare and can effect anyone. If you want to call some of this man over man than its a challange or believe it or not an opportunity. So I do have to admire Brenda Jones and her staff. If you really use your mind in todays’ world, those without sin casse the first stone.

I also remember that Sandy and my old friend Maestro got a bit upset at me and they are right and its not always about religion but it is about truth & trust, and getting set up or putting one’s head on the chopping block is not a pretty picture, but than one can say good things come out of bad or the methods one uses to enforce a lot of this and I’m not gonna judge their methods but we all can speak out.