Reply To: BREAKING NEWS; NARSOL file amicus in Colorado case



I agree. I never understood the civil regulation argument. Basicly, they arbitrarily removed us from criminal punishment by simply declaring that we are required to submit to civil regulation; with criminal penalties.

For my charge 16 years ago, I received no prison time. I received 2 years probation which I completeted successfully. My charge is classified as a non-contact misdemeanor, and there was never any physical abuse alleged. I had no prior involvement with the law, and….stupidly…ignornorantly I never even retained an attorney. I plead guilty to the full original charge. I didnt even realize i would have to register until days after court. And, because it is considered a misdemeanor, i only had 10 days to appeal; which i missed the deadline. I am required to register for life in SC.

Now, however, because I’m subject to this civil regulation scheme for life, if I violate any of the myriad of civil regulations (ie. Go to the park to walk my dog), I can be arrested and expect to serve a much longer prison sentence than my original charge from 2003. It’s insane…