Reply To: PA state police arrests for sex offense registry infractions skyrocket


Yes, Mein Fuhrer! Wake up people on here and in America. Are we getting to this stage in America today. Sure everybody wants to be politically right, or should we all bow down to those that make up their own rules. Their’s that “We” I wonder were that came from some overly zealous people wanting to form their own United States or some dictator wanting to control populus or some pompous person that overshadow’s things a bit.

I believe Obama talked about overly zealous discipline tatics. Are the sex offenders in a class by themself today or is their a lack of true principles that say, sure we can set up those, the prostitute if its all in the good nature of public safety than again sure they can carry guns if its all in the form of public safety. Should two wrongs make a right? So who’s bowing down to who these days of taking advantage of others today in certain situations.