Reply To: Conference 2018 – Mock Legislative Committee Hearing


Timothy you bring up something interesting. Sure we can all have mock hearings and I hope others caugth this meaning also. That has always been man’s problem to some extent. From Mahammad Ali to political figures or leaders if you want to say that. Sure one’s merit is good but there is pride vanity associated with all of this? Look at the sex offender, we are classed on the low end of the totum pole if one wants to say that.

Should we all say pride goeth before the fall as mentioned on here or isn’t helping others better than self righteous people wanting to dicitate. Should we use the old saying you are what you eat or isn’t helping each other a bit better when one falls down or is the chain of command getting a bit out of line. Sure we are all caught in this trap whether man made or self made. I can’t praise any man but I can admire and respect someone that stands up for his or her rights and also others. We can all even look at mock hearing of how people mock others as a power struggle or should we all flip a coin.

One’s view might be entirely different from others view’s but thats were principal comes in to draw the line in this hocus pocus I’m the greatest category. Who is shaming who when we all should be ashamed at law and government and some of the tricky dickie things they do.