Reply To: 7th Circuit ruling will force registered sex offenders from homes

Tim L

The 7th circuit is in Illinois correct?
Here in Wisconsin we have a term for Illinois drivers who frequent our “up north” areas on the weekends. FIBs or Fu%$ing Illi@#$ Bastards drive like their in Chicago cutting people off. So I’m not surprised to hear about this property issue cause they are nutz. They were the first state in the nation to ban child sex offenders from owning property near schools. Those who already owned land conflicting with the law were not included in the first Megan’s law variant, but I knew it would eventually. Illinois opted to administer SOR via the STATE Police who behave like union thugs. The state is in serious financial trouble so property taking could be useful to some.

So far SCOTUS has left the determination of the rule of state law to state Supreme court’s save N.C. Packingham. It will be interesting to see if it gets review.