Reply To: Conference 2018 – Mock Legislative Committee Hearing


If everyone notices in Romans.13 it was more about money and taxes that those those in Roman government were looking for. Pay Dues and trubute and customs and nothing about giving bad opportunities, could be anything posed as customs, so their just as much guilty. Nothing is hard to fight if you have some good resorces to help one fight this battle. True Juistice is not hard to fight for with a two edged sword. Sorry If i get a bit gospel for you guys but like I said thats up to the individual.

At times I have to pitty NARSOL in a lot of this as they are trying and trying to help the sex offender and help him or her with giving her a second chance, clean up his or her act but they are being opposed left and right in most all of this. Bottom line nothing is final untill the fat lady sings.

I know a lot of people are oppressed in these ordeals but thanks be to God that NARSOL is there to strive and help in this struggle for all of those involved. Sure there’s negative sides to all this as well as other things of society but one has to be positive, has one killed each other or has one been said to be another Larry Nasser on here. Now those would be the top of the list things that can lock one up for decades.