Reply To: 2 years later, still no action on Michigan’s Sex Offense Registry


@Josh, I will diffenitly let you know, I don’t go back in till October, but I think I am going to print a few copies out, and take a walk to my local cop shop next week and see what they have to say, or what kinda excuse they come up with about why they are still enforcing it. I had a conversatio back n May with cop in my town, he said I saw you in your mom’s car, so I said ya so He then says have you registered it yet? I said No don’t have to according to the fact we won the Snyder case. He then said really, we have not gotten anything from the state saying you don’t have to, so if you don’t register your mom’s car you know what happens right. I said since I go by what the 6th circuit and SCOTUS says, you can kiss my ass. Then he said something about my mom, so I said well since she passed away in February good luck with that dick head. After I did finally find her title I did put it in my name and register it for now, snce I want no trouble after doing this crap now for 26 years. Then I ran across the memerandum, so am taking it up to the cop shop which is like 5 minutes from me walking wise, then I am going to ask for officer dumbass personally (can’t remember his name) and say I thought you didn’t receive this memo but according to this you guys have and your still enforcing it. Anyway I will let you know the out come and what they have to say about the memerandum.