Reply To: BREAKING NEWS; NARSOL file amicus in Colorado case


The Sex Offender Registry is virtually completely punitive-both domestically and socially, and also does much more harm than any good and here are some reasons why:
A) The registry has never saved anyone from being molested or raped whether unregistered or registered. If it did, there would be no sex offenses at all for fear of being registered, and arguments from silence are unacceptable-there must be irrefutable evidence that it has, but there is none, and it unfortunately it leads a community and the public to believe it provides a sense of security, but there is no evidence to prove it makes a neighborhood safer.
B) The Sex Offender Registry is an ‘after-the-fact’ law. People are sex offenders ‘before’ they are caught and put on the registry, thereby proving the registry does nothing to prevent sex offenses in the first place.
C) For the many sex offenders who have not re-offended and never will, the registry inhibits and even prohibits those from becoming part of social, athletic, and at times, religious activities. Where I live, there are places that prohibit a registered sex offender from joining their gym or their public swimming pool. How is that fair to a sex offender who is no danger to anyone?
I know a man who attended a religious group for 8 years and was devout, and a leader, who’s life was obviously changed and someone decided to do background checks on all the leaders, and when he was found on the registry all of the sudden some of the women became afraid of him, even after 8 years of lively Godly and devoutly before them and all the others, and he had to leave in order to avoid embarrassment and further scrutiny, so now 8 years of his life at this place is gone due to the registry.
D) The registry also makes it hard and sometimes almost impossible to find love. All a person has to do is type a person’s name and city on the internet and if they are a sex offender, it will come up that they are WITHOUT going to the sex offender registry, thereby annihilating even the possibility of finding love for the many sex offenders who have never re-offended and never will, therefore, the sex offender is condemned before they even have a chance to prove themself.
E) Because Social Media has wrongfully biased people that all sex offenders are going to re-offend and the information about sex offenders is so easily attainable it places an extreme strain on the sex offender’s mentality that they are going to be found on the registry if they do join a social group, and be scrutinized, rebuked, and even ostracized, therefore causing the sex offender to wallow in fear and live a reclusive life and not become the socially productive citizen they should after their incarceration.
The real punishment for a sex offender begins AFTER they get out of prison.
They are scorned, rejected, and condemned by the public they are released into when they are found on the Registry and sentenced to a social hell.