Reply To: MA court says burden of proof on state to prove dangerousness still exists


Yes, I’m sure we all love the burcden of proof. Could we start with facts first in a lot of this sexual game. There are a lot of very interesting articles that NARSOL presents and a lot of these comments are right great if one keeps a positive attitude.

Sure we can all go with Daniels ordeal to just give up, throw in the towel, I have even wanted to throw in the towel just for my dirty mouth or potty mouth. This labeling is man wanting to abuse their power with a label on a high and low degree of offending someone. Should we even learn not to talk back to to the one understanding or all the knowledge in the world?

Sure we could talk about righteousness but we won’t go there. And I wonder what an advocate is if they don’t use some Christian principals or guidelines, or what a court system is if it makes its own judgement or laws on enslaving others. Should we all go back and look at what the very first Supreme Court Justice said or is America getting to an communist state. I hope not.