Reply To: Conference 2018 – Mock Legislative Committee Hearing


This mock hearing about legislative was a great ideal NARSOL had to present to those in attendance at its conferrence. I also liked Wendy’s rebuttle which was in a way a two part effort about the pro’s and con’s and yes it all boils down to labeling. Whats in a label. Its just man’s device.

Fact is governments is playing the harlot is a lot of this government paint by number ordeal. Yes this mock hearing says a lot. After one’s sentence or probation that should be it and others should go on their way for a better start. Man cannot rehiblitate man as that is a heart process. Government wants to have their own power. They are holding that sin against another and using their discression in all this by not giving those a second chance as Wendy tried to instill upon the mock panel.

We are not in Old Testament times but under a new covnent people. Nothing wrong with speaking out for Jesus if one uses the gift for thru justice. In other words they were coveting with a lot of this. Labeling one is just the same as putting a scarlett letter upon man. Wendy at times didn’t know what direction to go in as she was up against man’s slective behavior in all this legislaive law. These men are the law and make them. Sure its nice to speak out but pride goeth before the fall.

Now you guys can do what you want but respect goes a long ways so I sentence you all to watching the “Blues Borthers” until you learn some respect. Maybe the Queen of Soul can tell you about some respect. A lot of this sex ordeal is man’s conspiricy and racketing by prostituting themself. So where is truth?