Reply To: BREAKING NEWS; NARSOL file amicus in Colorado case


This was a good brief. I kind of wish it had more about the misconceptions of recidivism, as that was the crux of the other brief by the AG’s of the surrounding states.

I actually came full face into that misconception when the sheriff came out this weekend to do the quarterly check. I ended up calling the sergeant to complain about this guy, and he mentioned the high recidivism rate. I corrected him, and he said he had personally arrested a bunch of them. Of course, this was also after he told me he didn’t really work with the sex offender unit. So if he didn’t really work with them, how did he arrest a lot of them. I don’t think he appreciated me correcting him, but I take the chance when I can.

So yeah, we need to keep spreading the word that the high recidivism rate does not exist.