Reply To: Federal judge holds Colorado registry is punishment; violates Eighth Amendment


This is great news ! Keep up the good work fighting for all and their right to live as human beings ! I agree that that when you do something wrong there should be a punishment . A time to be punished , serve your time and be able to move on with your life . My brothers situation of viewing child porn . He should not have been looking . He has mental disabilities and believed it wasn’t totally okay to do yet at the same time believed because it was on the internet he could do it . He payed for nothing , he didn’t join chat rooms, he had no contact with anyone at all , he shared nothing with anyone but himself , he did not reproduce for distribution or to sell . He is a victim in my eyes . I do not condone abuse of children at all . The people who abuse these children are the people who took these children s pictures and forced them or willingly had them pose for these pictures .Not my brother . Possibly the parents for money , we don’t know . My point is my brother has to register for life and be on probation for life because he looked at these pictures ! If our country did more and made mental health help more accessible and affordable for the people who need it possibly some of this could be avoided . So in some cases who are the the victims . Yes of course the children are , yet my brother and others did not make them the victims . I believe there is a big difference in having contact with a human being , than viewing pictures and the punishment for each should not be the same . Any new laws helps all and I can only hope we continue to move forward and educate the public on the true facts ! Thank you !