Reply To: America’s new pastime: Stomping on the underdog

Sandy Rozek
Sandy Rozek

D, I hear you and I understand. I think you are missing part of the point. Those in the Humans project and many – yes, many – others are not happy IN a life of misery. They are happy in a life that is not miserable. I personally know quite a few registrants, and they are all, to varying degrees, happy and fulfilled in their lives, and I hear from many others who are. I don’t know how many many has to be. I don’t know how many of the total are married or dating or have families. I know it is a lot.

I know it is horrible for many, many more. I know loneliness and isolation are major factors, and I know the suicide rate is higher than the norm. I am devastated by that knowledge. That is the reason that I do what I do. That is the reason that NARSOL exists.

I am glad that you are not giving up. Hope is essential. And so are you and every single person who deserves to live a life with hope.