Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court – Discussion Continued


Was removed from registry for approximately 1 month while my case was being reviewed put back on called Harrisburgh was informed that I had to remain on for another year due to being incarcerated I believe someone clearly didn’t do there homework because from what I read and believe I understand correctly is the section that says applicability paragraph f due to invalidity and all that follows in that section I should not be on the list no more I will be calling them I think that I was categorized in the section further down it said something about scope that if the person committed the crime on or after 2012 they are not eligible for credit while serving a sentence which i think is also b.s because while I was locked up I still received the official p.s.p paperwork informing me that I was due to register so o were not gonna credit your time on m.l because you are not an imminent danger to society while your incarcerated but we’ll still send you your registration update notification ?