Reply To: Extended NARSOL in Action big success


Sandy, I wanted to chime in on the NARSOL in action if you dont mind and it seems NARSOL has been plugging along pretty good with their efforts. While I’m sure a lot of these comments are good and some are just opinions its all in the struggle we all face.

While I did notice a few things about all this NARSOL in ACTION. The lawyer from ACLU seemed to throw in the towel after I’m sure giving good effort. Here’s a fact I didn’t know, it seems that the supreme court has primitted the USA to lie in the mist of finding guilt. I find that as I’m sure you all do pretty unconstitutional.

Sandy all or a lot of these sex stings or whatever the case are questionable or questionable guessing, even the passport thing. The scamming on the internet is just like someone scamming one into all this hop scotch sex ordeal ordeal which is defrauding thousands of Americans, but you see they are only scamming themself in all this injustice. Government makes up their own rules and regulations as someone said on here. And the latest we all have to have a picture ID to buy groceries. Is the law oversteping and making its own laws.

While I am glad NARSOL is trying to fight this and striving to give a voice to America on a lot of this issue, I’m afraid to say its going to take more than NARSOL. We can all either stay bias on these issues or seek the Lady of Wisdom.