Reply To: NARSOL streamlines original lawsuit; NCRSOL files new lawsuit

Timothy D.A. Lawver


I n Connecticut V Doe the court ruled on process due or not due. Those “similarly situated” were who exactly? Them who waived via plea, knowingly in advance of plea, and were by their own admissions guilty. That waiver does not exist in my case or others similarly situated. This is a fact and so some, “concretely relevant” fact must be at play according to Connecticut V Doe court. Simply put, this is a different question then asked in DOE, because contesting civil action remained an open option right along with direct and indirect appeal for this set of defendants ( presumably). Admittedly there are very few, but a due process win would be BIG!

The court also placed a path of crumbs to follow. I do nothing more than that.

You follow? I demanded trial! Know why?
When a boat from the ivory coast landed in America full of slaves even they were placed upon the block and knowing indentured IN THE PUBLIC SQUARE. Quite different than what happened here as the indentured were made outside of the square and public eye.

Thank you for asking.