Reply To: America’s new pastime: Stomping on the underdog


Awww Sandy,

I know you mean well but…..

“Whoa, enough of that. I sentence you each to go read all of the Humans on the Registry entries twice!”

When I read these I get even madder. Just because someone else has managed to be content in a life of complete misery and injustice does not mean everyone can or should. Especially those of us who actually are not guilty of the crime we were convicted of. The sex offender program is a virtual penis severing and it is meant to be just this. Lets face it how many sex offenders stand a chance of getting a date? The human thing would be to castrate us because we still have desires and most of use will never find a woman that will look past the BS. You do not know the male sex drive you cannot understand. Join a dating site and as soon as you get to the part were you are asked your name this will be the last communication from this potential mate. It does not work this way for the females on the registry. Without love there is nothing. We are hated people!

” Dan has been a carefully selected victim of a personal, anonymous vigilante who has made it his mission to destroy whatever Dan built, time after time after time.” “That is not true for those of you who are writing these comments.”

Do you know this?

“Many on the registry are successful and happy and living fulfilled lives.”

When you say many it needs to be more then half right? I think the majority of people on the registry wish they were dead. I’m not giving up on anything I don’t give up ever but my patients does have its limitations. The majority of society today is a narcissistic, greedy, uncaring piece of trash. People love to see people fail, get hurt, and lose, it is like entertainment for them. I am almost 50 and it is like I’m living in an alternate universe from what I grew up in. All I ever wanted was to have a family of my own and live life to its fullest and celebrate every day to its fullest this is not possible anymore. People cannot be aloud to do this to people plain and simple.