Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court – Discussion Continued


9799.13 I believe it looks like only applies to teird people and for pre sornas that have time left, the way I read it anyway, in other words, 9799.13 in inapplicabile to peaople with no time left on the reg. Unfortunately the people who do have time left and post 12/20/2012, it would be applicable to them.
If they add it to Act 10 that’s more pununitive, more unconstitutional laws that with put more nails in the coffin, If the PASC agrees to hear Terry’s case then Act ten will have an untimely demise, we all need to put a prayer up for Terry they they will accept his case. I do believe they will though because he has the balls to go all the way the PASC and ask for king bench rights…
Mark it’s only a matter of time before Act ten is dead and the rest of the registry will fall, then the general assholes will make another’s bs law.