Reply To: America’s new pastime: Stomping on the underdog


Dan as I have this is a good article and I’m glad Sandy posted it. Yes it makes us all understand a bit more. Actually it should make everyone on these comments understand that in all honestly we have been taken advanaged of. Daniel you sound more like me all the time but we are different in many ways. Was not Cain and Abel different in many ways but they were equal. Now to each his own but created equal, in what way self-centerness, how do you figure that in todays world? That docunment is man’s selfishness or do we all depend on ourself or what we should we should acheive and accomplish by not stomping over others.

How does one even figure out their thorn in the flesh whether they are christian or not. Dan should we all say than ” give me liberty or give me death”, when things go wrong. It seems everybody on here has some consulation to this. Its like they want to figure out the big bang theory that no man can comprehend. Whether one goes around this in a Christian way or man’s way, man is just going to he bumping heads like some of the court systems.

Should we even wonder why Robin, which is on the NARSOL staff even said the words about going to church. I sometimes wonder why Brenda Jones didn’t want any religon in these posts and Brenda was right its not about reliegon, it is about understanding man’s pride and how others can take away everything from others. Believe it or not true Justice comes with the word.

Dan, You quoted the Declaration of Independence and to this day I still wonder who “We” is and who we should show respect to when trueh & justice is not in Government. Bottom line is you cant have true Government without God in it. So get off your high horses Dan and a lot of you all and stand up. Seek some legal aid out, appeal these things, help NARSOL out, or is government making a slave to all is this respect.