Reply To: Part I: Just another day in the life of a registered sex offender

Hans M

What a travesty that a charity declined the sponsorship of a registered citizen. It’s so ridiculous that they have to (or choose to) worry about the impact that having a sponsor who is registered might have on their reputation, or that it might negatively impact the recruitment of other sponsors. It’s really just about purity, guilt by association, confusing the (long-ago past) act with the actor, BS like that.

As for me, I belong to a local social service organization that knows about my status. We pool our resources collectively and support organizations and issues we believe in, such as a girls’ boarding school in Africa. Yes, it’s a shame I can’t support that school openly and directly. But I appreciate the fact that the people who actually have gotten to know me — most of whom had never met anybody on the registry before — are so grateful for my effort and money, and make a point of telling me so.