Reply To: BREAKING NEWS; NARSOL file amicus in Colorado case


Glen the courts can do anything they want. One is that a person is at the mercy of the courts and Tim even said it right its all about intent. And what do we mean by intent. Could it be we intended to set that person up with the opportunity. Did that person intend to rape actually rape that girl. Did one intend to say you can actually grab them by the pussy if you are rich and famous or use that as an example. Maybe that was one’s intent. people don’t know people’s intent or thoughts.

Sure we all want questions and answers isn’t that what heing human is all about when drama unfolds. I’m just glad that the courts have the opportunity to come to understand this brief a bit better which may help others strivig in this sexual endeavor.

One can call a spade a spade but when a house of cards begins to fall it tumbles. No one is wanting to know all the answers are they. If thats the case we all are more smarter than the Creator. The main thing is for true unadultrated justice or are w all the poor and oppressed?