Reply To: NARSOLs Brenda Jones on Law and Disorder Radio

Debi Bochmann

Fact is cops set up a lot of people. Men across the nation especially in Florida and California are being turned into criminals, into sex offenders, who in fact were set up by the cops, enticed by the cops, and falsely accused. In Florida this happens all the time. Hundreds of men a week. Florida also restricts what your defense can be. You are not allowed to claim entrapment, role playing, or fantasy. You aren’t allowed the defense you thought the person really was an adult because there photo proves it. There are no restrictions on what cops can do, they can do anything they want to trap you and have you arrested. It is a business for the justice system. They get millions of dollars a year to run these stings and convict people. The more convictions they get the more money the state gets and it is distributed from the cops to the judges. Everyone wins but the poor sucker they set up. Basically if you are arrested on a cop sting you are done.