Reply To: America’s new pastime: Stomping on the underdog

Glen Gibson


I do hope my disagreement with the title didnt come across as disrespectfull. I honestly enjoyed the article and thought it well written, and am appreciative of your bringing it to everyone’s attention. Interestingly, I read this morning that the actress Selma Blair is standing up for Mr Gunn, and in protest deleting her twitter account.

I also read through your posts, and I too share your frustration. I’ve been dealing with this for about 16 years now. Honestly, Ive hid myself in shame and humiliation for the past 16 years, and have been reluctant to stand up and say “Enough”. I wish there was something I could do to change the past. Humiliation of the registry aside, I feel like Ive been harder on myself than any byzantine public registry can impose.

But, it occurred to me recently the thought…”How can I ever improve, show regret, rehabilitate, or contribute positively to society if I’m never given the opportunity?” AND that’s exactly what the registry prevents.

So, I’m here now. Hopefully there’s something I can do.