Reply To: America’s new pastime: Stomping on the underdog


Dan you know you talk about offensive and provocative. I wonder whats offensive today. Actually this is one of the best post on here so you should not be ashamed. If you all would take a look at that 10 commandment cartoon of the President would you call thsat shaming or maybe we should all go back to the book “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus”. and here’s a quote from the book.

Men value power, competency, achievement and their sense of self is defined by their success and ability of achieving their goals. Achieving their goals is a way to prove their competency.
Similarly, men want and need to have their abilities recognized and appreciated and resent having them ignored or called into question.

Should we all agree on the opportunity to set people up or should we admit on who is raping who or who is murdering who. Dan you make a lot of sense to me. Yes while NARSOL is striving to enlighten people on this sexual plight, dont’ forget that we are all sinners and try to cover our act with a cocaine straw in one hand and a budswiser in the other. I think its high time that the American People should listen. Does the American people really know about these internet sting operations or do they really know who’s been sleeping my bed. Where is any love today in America with everyone’s different in opinions.

Should we say just walk away renae or get on with our lives and help others as NARSOL strives in this challanging ordeal to inform . Oh and those who reject those people from jobs, they need to take a look at themselves also as we all should take a look at ourselves.