Reply To: How a 1986 Psychology Today article continues to make fools of Supreme Court justices

Abolish Registry

To the person saying you have nothing left to live for. WRONG. God puts you to this test, he commands you stand and fight for his righteous sake, he commands that even if you live in a field YOU FIGHT. Do not lay down your life for nothing, never give in, never concede. This is not about you, it is truly about the children that are in the real danger, the danger of a nation that exceeds its constitutional powers, a nation that has become the bully on the one hand while spewing from its forked tongue via the other hand that bullying is bad. It is your destiny to stand and be counted. Do not sherk this great responsibility.
For God For Family For a true Nation not a corrupt one.
I am the Tiger Spirit in the Lord
I will fight with you and for you.
Do not lay down your life in weakness.
None of you, do not give up, do not let me down.
This is the test of your lives to be reborn, so not deny God this victory over false powers. The ones who made and prop up these laws, a day of reckoning for using our Lords name for your own vanity and power.