Reply To: Sex offender registries: A legacy of fear



I agree. While, I well understand the others frustrations, positive things are beginning to happen. I believe we have nearly reached the peak of this thing.

After Smith vs. DOE Alaska, the government did what it alway does when SCOTUS sides against personal liberties; it ran away with legislating and applying even more unjust laws. What we’ve witnessed is somewhat similar to the old Jim Crow laws that were rapidly enacted by legislaters after what was another historically wrong SCOTUS decision.

The segment of society now affected directly by these unjust draconian registry laws has grown to nearly 1 million citizens, not to mention the millions more family members, friends, and supporters that have experienced the negative affects of the registry. Acknowledgement that the registry is not effective, and it’s high financial burden is also growing. Additionally, researchers and courts are beginning to weigh in. Major court decisions from the 6th & 10th circuits (And SCOTUS’s refusal to overturn one of them) should provide us with hope that tide appears to be turning. And, we also now see NARSOL presenting 3 outstanding federal cases here in the 4th circuit. Good things are happening, albeit at the slow pace of the wheels of justice. But for so long nothing was happening. Point is, we are in much better position now than we were. The courts will ultimately correct this.