Reply To: “The law is not always what is right”


“The law is not always what is right”…

Clearly not, as the well documented SCOTUS cases throughout America’s short history shows (ie, Dred Scott, Plessy vs. Ferguson, Brown vs. Board of Ed – just to name a couple).

SCOTUS has made the wrong decision many times, and later overturned their initial ruling. It will happen in our case too eventually. Smith vs Doe Alaska in 2003 was plain wrong and that SCOTUS decision and its failure to keep the government in check, led to many more unjust laws. It is very much like how their prior decisions led to the old Jim Crow laws.

Based on history, Its somewhat predictable; when the SCOTUS sides with government in cases involving personal liberty, the government will alway legislate even more unjust laws – because government by its nature will always attempt to increase its power over its citizens…until, SCOTUS finally realizes the full practical impact of their prior decision.

Its been 15 years since Smith vs. Doe. Cases around the country are beginning to emerge that offer hope. And many within the public and courts are beginning to question the effectiveness of the registry, its cost, and the impact upon liberty and lives. SCOTUS will ultamately right this wrong.