Reply To: 36 sex offenders? Really?


Hi Sandy,

Thank you for the article and all the work that you do. There is something I recently learned that I wanted to bring to everyone’s attention with regards to the South Carolina registry. SC no longer has a Tier 1 classification. They have now classified ALL former Tier 1 offenders as Tier 2.

16 years ago, I pled guilty to a 1st offense peeping Tom charge. It was a non-contact offense, but it requires lifetime registry in SC (I didn’t learn of this until after I pled guilty, and because it was a misdemeanor I only had 10 days to appeal. I didn’t have an attorney, and didn’t learn I could appeal til years later. But that window has long passed)

In any event, I was never sentenced to prison and received 2 years probation. I completed it successfully and was required to complete mandatory therapy. Based on my assessment and charge, I was placed in Tier 1 (lowest risk). A couple of days ago, I looked at the registry and found they have increased me to Tier level 2 – in spite of the fact I’ve had no re-offense and 16 years have passed.

I immediately contacted SLED by email, and asked why my classification has been increased. SLED’s email response was, “South Carolina no longer has Tier I.
Per our state law, this offense warrants tier II registration.”

I was never notified, re-assessed, nor given any other explanation or opprtunity for Due process as to why SC no longer has a Tier 1 level.

I wanted to pass this information along to you and other members. Im unsure if anyone else is aware of this. I cannot understand why SC has made this move. My understanding is SC is SORNA compliant now, but I thought SORNA required states to classify 3 Tiers?