Reply To: America’s new pastime: Stomping on the underdog


I’m with ‘d.” All I feel is hate and rage and I live for the moment when one of these mindless murderous drones gives me static. I pillory them in front f their peers, and if necessary, beat the seven levels of Hell out of them. I’ve had it!
Do not suffer fools, period! You have every right to exist and thrive Having said all that, I feel compelled to say *this* (again) as well:
If we do not become vocal, resistive, and let our foes know that we push back, we will be relegated to our current level for the rest of our lives. We absolutely should protest, attend meetings and even march (even though I’m pretty sure NO ONE will give us a permit to do so).
I also agree with giving the religious perspective and spirituality routine a break. It solves nothing; never has and never will. Perhaps more of us need to attend the annual conference from NARSOL, but how many of us can freely travel and how many will be arrested and/or harassed for being there by local LEA?
In Dubio Pro Reo!