Reply To: Registered sex offender among those honored at ceremony for murdered children


Interesting article. It caused me to wonder though, if someone like William Elliot-even though now deceased- may still be on the SO registry.

So…after typing in “Does the SO registry get updated when a registrant passes away?”, I found some interesting articles. For example:

“Seven years after Justin’s parents found his lifeless body in his bedroom, they received a letter addressed to Justin from Karen Johnson, manager of the Sex Offender and Registry Enforcement Unit, saying that Justin would be removed from the public part of the registry and he might be eligible to have it removed from the registry altogether….”

Wow….one would certainly hope. Further…

“When asked about Justin’s name remaining on the registry seven years after his death, state police spokeswoman Shanon Banner said that names are not removed from the registry unless a family member sends the registry enforcement unit a death certificate.”

Just another example of how the registry fails to protect the public…or, is there a threat of the RSO dead now too?

I would love to see a more in depth article on this frequency of this kind of situation.