Reply To: America’s new pastime: Stomping on the underdog


To address you Daniel, and I do like that name, while we all have our ups and downs with statements that want to address rape, abuse, abortion, gay rights and other things. Should we all just brush those things under the rug so to speek. Sure giving speeches such as those shouldn’t be bad. In todays’ internet world its like the spy in the sky is watching someone and can throw you down in a minute.
One can call it a callous actions but a true apology are better, but if the person doesn’t take the apology than one should go about your business. Now you are a graphic artist and I do admire that but even comic strips have gotton a bit vague from the early beginnings You talk about suffering but who is suffering today. The one that accepts the apology or the one that doesn’t and wants to be a bit above the rest. We can even take a note on history about that one. You do bring up a good point as well as Sandy’s point and those on the registry.
Do you know a lot of us wouldn’t be in this mess if it wasn’t for internet and who is the underdog or top dog today or who is taking advantage of others today. Sure we look for truth in all this or persevere in this challange that seems to overcome man in this persuit of truth, or as you say should we just let people step all over us.