Reply To: America’s new pastime: Stomping on the underdog


The article of Dan’s (have to give him thumbs up on this one) should make us all reflect and think. Whats funny about the whole comment to a lot of this this is my old buddy on here Maestro is right. People do live under bridges and have nowhere to live but even a genius has problems, so Maestro in a way your right and in a way you are wrong. Who said anything about you being a monster or is that your imagination overloading your ego?

Actually, Sandy is right about “Humans on the Registry” and some have gone on to even be church leaders, think about it. In this life we all at times take the bitter with the sweet or are we all still desparado’s and I loved that song in my hay days’ but sometimes we all have to come down from our fences. And freedom well thats up to the individual . Sure we all have dreams.

Is being a sex offender giving one shattered dreams? Is the sex offender or registry being misused by government authorities to dab those they think are “violent predators” or is the sex offender the choice you made or someone made for you by giving you a devilish opportunity or did one physically take the opportunity. Yes we still have choices and decisons and all can change. Why do you all think NARSOL is here for? They are here to help each one if one listens and opens their eyes and ears.

Do you think its easy for NARSOL to hear the cry’s of the sex offender that got bad Justice or a bum rap or should we all open our eyes a bit more to this American problem that is effecting not only us but others and we all should put a stop to a lot of this and NARSOL is leading a good way. Is it the culture today, the influence of the internet, or police behaving badly. If you all think freedom comes overnight or in a bottle your wrong or should we all take a look at how all this is making one down in his or her life. You don’t think we all look for justice. Well anyone is for justice but this is more than justice this is a cause for true justice.