Reply To: NARSOL streamlines original lawsuit; NCRSOL files new lawsuit


Hi Robin,

I’m Glen. I’m a registered citizen and I’m new to this site and forum. I’m especially interested in these cases. I currently reside in NC, however my charge occurred 16 years ago in South Carolina. Long story short; I plead guilty to a first offense misdemeanor peeping Tom charge without ever retaining an attorney. I know…it was stupid. I was 32 years old, an honorably discharged Air Force Veteran, and had never been in trouble with the law. I was going through a difficult divorce at the time my wife made the allegation. We later reconciled for a brief time, but ultimately divorced. In any event….16 years later…

My question is:

1) Considering the Colorado case out west before the 10 Circuit, what are your thoughts about the potential it will ultimately reach SCOTUS and what likely impact could we reasonably expect should SCOTUS side with Judge Matsch’s decision?

2) Does the NC case, now that it’s been trimmed down per the judges instruction, simply address religious freedom with regards to where a RSO may go? Or, will it also include other locations that are currently prohibited?

Thank you for all your efforts.