Reply To: America’s new pastime: Stomping on the underdog

Sandy Rozek
Sandy Rozek

Whoa, enough of that. I sentence you each to go read all of the Humans on the Registry entries twice!

Dan didn’t originally write this for publication. I know Dan’s full story, going way back, and he “sounds-off” to me. That’s what this was, and I persuaded him to let me publish it because it is powerful, but maybe that was a mistake. Dan has been a carefully selected victim of a personal, anonymous vigilante who has made it his mission to destroy whatever Dan built, time after time after time.

That is not true for those of you who are writing these comments. Many on the registry are successful and happy and living fulfilled lives. They accomplish that in spite of the impediments that the registry throws up. I know that for many, depending on the circumstances, that is not true. That is why NARSOL exists. I am not belittling anyone’s personal experiences and hardships, but giving up is not an option. Dan isn’t giving up. He is living; he is loving; he is writing, and he is becoming a powerful voice for our advocacy. Each person has his part to play. Please find yours.

I recently posted this as part of another comment to encourage people to get involved. That is the best way to fight off depression and hopelessness: Familiarize yourself with current proposed legislation in your state, pick an issue close to you that you care about, get one like-minded friend to go with you, and make appointments to start visiting legislators’ offices; EVERYONE has that right. You will meet with their staff people at first, but that’s okay; it’s a beginning. Attend hearings; sign up to speak at the public sessions. If every person reading this did this in his state at either the local or the state level, it would make a difference.