Reply To: America’s new pastime: Stomping on the underdog


Great piece! So again, what are we going to do about it? I have heard of no marches. I have read of no lawsuits of civil rights violations in mass numbers in each State for each of the over 900,000 SOR’s & financial damage to the puppet masters and their coffers, the Government bodies (States, FBI, Courts, District Attorneys/Prosecutors running these schemes.No one helps me, why should I help anyone? If, as you article implies (to me), there is no hope then, why bother being civil or peaceful or aspiring to better one self or change for better or become a productive member of society? Why do any of that? And please, everyone spare me the religious fairy tales reasons of why? I am asking for logical answers.

…by the way, came across this:

Pennsylvania board: Bill Cosby is ‘sexually violent predator’
The Montgomery County District Attorney has requested a hearing so a judge can decide if Cosby will be classified as a sexually violent predator. 13 hours ago