Reply To: Helping Florida’s sex offenders: “Somebody has to do it.”


As a mother of a RSO trying to purchase a home has been a Challenge. Finding someplace that is safe for him and away from schools or day cares. I have watched my son change from a vibrant out going person to a person who has become isolated and alone. As a parent this breaks my heart. I am disgusted by the legal system of this country who have put such a high price on for attorneys that a normal person cannot afford and because of this are subjected to the public defenders office that are over worked and underpaid. Going to court is not something they really want to do that takes time and that is the one luxury they do not have with their case loads. So take the plea bargain is the advise with the caviat that if you lose in court you could spend 15 years in prision. Really this is a defense? This is what happened to my son a known drug dealer under the age of 17 makes the accusation and I am sorry we can not bring up his record int he court he is a minor. Really but you can take his word for this but cannot show what type of person he is. Our legal system needs to be fixed and we need to throw out people who DO NOT support our consitution to the fullest because the SO laws violate our consititution,