Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court – Discussion Continued

terry brunson

@ Brian

The West Chester case you talk of is not in a good position to win on appeal. The next level appeal court will show the inexperienced lawyer that SORNA has not been shoot down as a whole. SORNA is still the sex offender land of the Commonwealth.

SORNA has only been shoot down in a part called ex post facto. SORNA was put on the books 12-20-12 and all offenses after that date was be govern bt SORNA that stands a part from the Muniz – decision to Pre 12-20-12 people. The West Chester lawyer is taking a position of a pre- SORNA not realizing that her client is a post SORNA and SORNA is the the law that will be applied the Common’s Plea Judge is in violation here.

His decision will not stand as good support. The Commonwealth court will vacate and remand that the West Chester judge order be put aside and that the 2015 offense be held to SORNA that is still the law of the Commonwealth. Sorry you didn’t see this.

Subchapter “H” of after 12-20-12 SORNA that is still good law – BUT it is the the subchapter “I” before 12-20-12 that the problems begin.

The is only Muniz help for pre-12-20-12 people in the Pa. courts not Post 12-20-12 people. The West Chester court is just grand standing to only be proven wrong by good SORNA law.

Hey My King’s Bench to the PASC was approved 19 July 2018 that is the i year mark of MUNIZ that means something to me. . . . . . Sorry to school you on the hope taking success of a win that will crash on appeal.. . . .