Reply To: NARSOLs Brenda Jones on Law and Disorder Radio


Sorry Brenda I sort of lost my cool on here and wasn’t thinking, even when I said you I ment they. and $125.00 is not to good for some of us to pay when a lot of us have already paid court cost and other things. Sure police can set you up in a lot of these operations and sure we can see the good work that NARSOL is striving for to help all in this ordeal and also help mankind.

While we all make stupid mistakes at times we are only human. Does that mean we are all bad. Sure when I corresponded with you several years ago via e-mail you mentioned about relatives and friends and yes I do have to say NARSOL & others are making a bit of difference for change. Now I know some of the people on here have mixed emotions and seem to let their frustrations go at times but sin is sin but ptoving justice is not all just the facts & does get twisted at times. Even courts will try to justify themselve and I’m sure Paul, NARSOLS attorny, understands that as well, but Brenda I do like the idea of rational laws, change and better understanding.

So were is liberty in all this, or is a corrupted thing of the past. in a corrupt nation today. Again Brenda my hats off to you for this radio interview that you had with this attorney and the explaination about some of this sex offender ordeal or the abuse of the nation going on today and I do believe a lot of us will overcome in all this sex issue battle.