Reply To: International Travel


Hi Natasha,
In my personal experience, travel to Russia is okay. I have been many times since 2014 with my last time being in November 2017 until February 2018. The last few times I have gone I was allowed entry, however, I was asked questions by officers after arriving. I have been questioned in a rural airport, at a train station, and at a hotel. Each time, the officers were professional and after answering their questions, I was welcomed and warned to not commit any crimes. In general, they just wanted to know my purpose there, when I was leaving, where I would stay, and if I intended to come back. They explained that the US authorities sent a notice so by default they must ask the questions. I was not in trouble, and this was just a formality.
Essentially, if you have a visa, then there’s a very likely chance that you will be allowed to enter Russia. Expect to be questioned at some point during your stay, particularly if your stay will be for a long time. I have not been questioned every time, but I do expect it and so I am able to deal with it a bit better than my first time.
Have a nice trip to Russia if you go. I love this country, the culture, the beauty, and the wonderful people.