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Tim Lawver

It is wrong for citizens to use a database in this way, to scam. Unfortunately the scammers follow the leadership provided by Ds&Rs and use it to gain ends for themselves. As Mr. Trump says we-be lead poorly. He lambasted the Republican party and their establishment of Global capitalists. Big Data IS Biggest business in the information age. Now he confronts the Surveillance Saints themselves with their abuses of power. It took a Russian plant to first expose their do-gooding. Blame Mr. Snowden, remember he could have stayed silent and collected his piece of the dole like most unionized gov workers do.

If one cannot recognize the correlation between one state government use of a database (SOR) AND the Fed’s desired uses, then one is blind to the ultimate outcome. Simply put there is a reason why a certain man was made leader of a certain panel. In America it is leadership that sets agenda eh docket. The rabbit hole goes to the core.