Reply To: Eeek! A picture of an overpass! Protect me!


While this article of Sandy’s has its good and bad I have never heart of the word in my understanding and everyday use as “Infinitesimal”. Wouldn’t that word be used for the rich and famous. Basically you have one person complaining and I would bet you a dime to a dollar it was a woman as they have to get their last harrah. All over a piece of artwork.

Sure I’m not into the me-too movement or this thing about Derek’s Arm’s art poster. I am in this thing for true justice can be all sorted out. Sure they’ll con you into a plea deal and than tell you that you give up all your rights. Can one walk anybodys’ life for them or tell them what to do. Sure its decisions, decisions, or would you say you made a choice to do what you did because of someone’s complaint. If the truth be known, its a lot about money. Do we all want to be politically right or are we some perverse radicals ready to march and protest on capital hill about a lot of these sex offense’s that some of us did or did not do on here or should you let your conscience be your guide?

Smile your on candid camera. I’m sure everyone saw the viedo of this guy passing this lady and one guy gives her a little butt slap as he passes by here. Sure that got him in trouble as it was rude. Back in the early days thing were a bit different with the candid camera. Its like court systems are not for anyone that molest the opposite sex even with hand touching let alone with a physical encounter. As I said before people want to justify their own actions but when truth comes to shove its all a cover up or even a conspircy and courts know how to win at that game unless you speak up.