Reply To: Court decisions re sexual offense issues still based on myth, not fact


A lot of this sex ordeal may be one factor to overcome but look at government today.
Laws of Nature and Nature’s God are some opening lines to the Declaration of Independence. Yes a lot has changed since than and government seems to have everything under control, Even the opinons of government seems to be out of control when giving opportunities of an unspeakable force. So who is taking prinsoners today with such opportunities? So who’s stealing someones liberty today? I believe one should understand the Decleartion of Independence more better.

I. F. Stone published articles about the truth and cover-ups and deceptions of government. Sure there is presidents like Nixon, with his famous “I am not a crook” speech, LBJ, even Bush getting their hands dirty and all those in high places. Are they some great wizzard of Oz that says don’t look behind the curtain or should people today be strong and stand up for Justice.

Some never get to stand up as they are just pawns or throw away people. Was the hussin thing and all the wars and killings throw aways, What about the mexican’s that cross the border are they throw aways or is their some some private information that government has for their code of silence. If this is still a nation that adhears to God’s principals this country would be a better place but it seems to go downhill day by day. Yes the president intends to build a wall and how he tends to clean up the swamp and how he tends to meddle in world affairs instead of running his “own” United States. And I thought this country was governed by biblical principals and not man’s principals. Even the war in Iran was a hellish thing. Are these agenda’s or logic really conventional wisdom or man’s wisdom. A lot of it is certainly not biblical wisdom or understanding. Yes we are all perverse in our own heart. So what is the myth about evil verses true justice when government plays their own game.