Reply To: In denying Snyder petition, Supreme Court upholds Sixth Circuit ruling


I spoke with “Tim” from the ACLU earlier this week, and he related to me that the desired outcome of the new lawsuit would be for the Federal Court(s) to make it clear to the State of Michigan that the EX POST FACTO ruling actually DOES apply to ALL persons sentenced prior to 2006, and those sentenced prior to 2011 changes. (although it was clear that the Court clearly stated the SORA amendments did NOT apply to ALL persons sentenced prior to 2006 and 2011).

He also stated that no pleadings were included to resolve the reporting “in person” as regard to ADA concerns.

Among other things, the ruling in our favor stated in part, “noting [that there was] a lack of evidence that registries actually do anything to protect the public”, so in this new lawsuit, the State will argue and try to prove there are statistically valid evidence supporting the restrictions, as they will do for each portion the Court found violates the EX POST FACTO portions–the Court can find in favor for either the State or the registrants on each specific part, necessitating appeals by both parties.

While Rick Jones and others argue they are unable, unwilling to present legislation to simply not have the 2006 and 2011 parts NOT apply to those affected by them (Rick Jones uses terminology, “to rewrite the entire SORA law[s]), because it is an election year”, they did have the past 2 years to do this. They will always have excuses.

As “Bobby” said, “the people up in Lansing are idiots with low IQ’s”, those are not proper arguments. (further name calling accomplishes nothing except to detract from legitimate issues) The fact is more simple and clear, it is the issue that during the past 30 years that a new public frenzy issue was needed to rally the voters to a united cause, thus SEX CRIMES was chosen by politicians. They incited FEAR and the need for so-called public safety from sex-offenders. (where are the State Registries for Drug Dealers and Drug Users??, and for Gang Members, etc. ??) This is what Rick Jones eluded to, it is not safe for politicians to revert back to the 1994 laws because they would be viewed as pro-sex criminals, weak on public safety. Politicians like and want to keep their jobs. They fully understand the 6th Circuit and US Supreme Courts RULINGS AND IMPLICATIONS.

Yes, this may be yet another long and drawn-out process. This is exactly how the American Judicial Process is designed to function, and just as how the American Political Process has been developed to be manipulated by politicians such as Rick Jones. However, here in Michigan the Governor and Attorney General, and Rick Jones are perverting these processes to avoid adhering to the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CONSTITUTION.